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Falling by Jane Green Book Review

Jane Green Falling Book Review | leahdecesare.comCongratulations to Jane Green on her seventeenth novel, Falling, out today. I was privileged to read an advance copy for my review in The Huffington Post.

Review of Falling by Jane Green

What makes a family? What does it take to do what you love in life? These are some of the questions I considered while reading Jane Green’s newest novel, Falling.

Falling is the story with a kernel of reality from Jane Green’s own life. One question authors always hear is, “Is it about you?” and though this isn’t Jane’s story, the way the protagonists meet is, in fact, how she met her husband. Set in Westport, Connecticut, Emma leaves her high-powered New York City banking job and rents a beach cottage from Dominic, a single father living in the house next door. As the relationship develops between Dominic and Emma, she is also building a connection with his son, Jesse.

Our family is in the throes of becoming foster parents to a child with the possibility of adoption, so I appreciated Emma’s challenges and hopes for becoming the mother to a little boy who she didn’t birth, who she hasn’t known during the beginning years of his life.

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