BookTrib Review of Forks, Knives, and Spoons

Thank you, BookTrib, for this wonderful review!

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Celebrating One Year!

All month, I’ve been celebrating the one year anniversary of FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS and I’ve been joined by bloggers, authors, book groups and readers across social media. I’m running two month-long events: a giveaway and a contest. For all subscribers to my newsletter, I will select a winner May…

Goodreads Choice Awards – Round One is Open

It’s that Goodreads Choice Awards time of year again! And it’s exciting to have a book that was published this year. I’m asking for your help. Please consider voting for Forks, Knives, and Spoons in the Best Debut category. Pretty sure it’s a LONG LONG shot – but I’m also…

Are You Spooning With a Fork?

fork noun \f-or-k\ 1. a guy who is cocky, arrogant, self-important 2. a male who is charming to women in order to get what he wants 3. a guy who lacks decency or concern for the women he pokes or stabs with his tines 4. a man who moves on…

Four Days til Pub Day

The countdown is on! Only four days until my official pub day! (Publication day, I should clarify after several friends thought it had something to do with pints and bangers.) The journey leading up to this day has been such fun already seeing friends – and their friends – reading…

Don’t Date That Spork

spork, noun /spôrk/ plural noun a spoon-shaped eating utensil with short tines at the tip; a cross between a fork and a spoon a guy who is a spoon (see spoon) including nerdy, geeky, boring, irresponsible, loser types who projects himself like a fork (see fork) including cocky, arrogant, asshole…

Dump Your Significant Jerk – aka FORK

What is Dump Your Significant Jerk Week/Day So it turns out that there are a lot of oddball dates out there that are wonderfully applicable to FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS – particularly in February since it’s the love-and-romance month and then by extrapolation the all things breaking-up and angry-relationshipy month….

Happy National Shower With a Friend Day

For real, today is National Shower With a Friend Day. In honor of my character, Jenny Callista, in FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS, who, well, showers with a “friend”, I had to learn more. On the National Day Calendar website, they explain it like this: “Winter is the coldest and loneliest…