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Four Days til Pub Day

The countdown is on! Only four days until my official pub day! (Publication day, I should clarify after several friends thought it had something to do with pints and bangers.) The journey leading up to this day has been such fun already seeing friends – and their friends – reading…

#forkbook on the Reading With Robin Podcast

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#ForkBook Inspired Gifts on Etsy

Find me at ThreeBlueDots on Etsy to shop for fun, inexpensive gifts to accompany FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS. Fork, knife, and spoon charm necklaces, a charm bracelet based on Amy York’s from Matt, and T-shirts for the steak knife in your life. Save Save Save Save Save

Amazon Giveaway – One Week Only

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Goodreads Giveaway #forkbook

Enter to win a signed, advance reader copy of FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS. In celebration of the countdown to Pub Day – April 18th – there are three copies up for grabs in this giveaway. Good luck and happy reading! Save

Don’t Date That Spork

spork, noun /spôrk/ plural noun a spoon-shaped eating utensil with short tines at the tip; a cross between a fork and a spoon a guy who is a spoon (see spoon) including nerdy, geeky, boring, irresponsible, loser types who projects himself like a fork (see fork) including cocky, arrogant, asshole…

Author Cristina Alger on the #forkbook

Dump Your Significant Jerk – aka FORK

What is Dump Your Significant Jerk Week/Day So it turns out that there are a lot of oddball dates out there that are wonderfully applicable to FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS – particularly in February since it’s the love-and-romance month and then by extrapolation the all things breaking-up and angry-relationshipy month….

Happy National Shower With a Friend Day

For real, today is National Shower With a Friend Day. In honor of my character, Jenny Callista, in FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS, who, well, showers with a “friend”, I had to learn more. On the National Day Calendar website, they explain it like this: “Winter is the coldest and loneliest…

Tips for Dating Sunday

There’s a day for everything now – from National Rhubarb Vodka Day to  National Crown of Roast Pork Day, and from National Hug a Plumber Day to National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. Not to be left out, the first Sunday after New Years Day has been dubbed National Online…